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possible new TL owner searching for info and feedback

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Default possible new TL owner searching for info and feedback

Hello Everyone:

I am searching for some owner feedback on the 2009 TL (specifically the SH-AWD model).

I am currently driving a highly modified Chrysler 300C and am now in the market to sell it and replace it with something more practical,

I have narrowed my decision down to:

Lexus GS350
MB E350
Audi A6

but then I saw the new 2009 TL and it caught my eye...

today (Saturday) I spent most of the day doing some comparative test drives..

I lucked out that the Acura Dealer near me happened to have a 2006 E350 and a 2007 GS350 on the used car lot, and since the 2006/2007 of these models doesn't really differ much from the 2009 I was able to test drive them and the 2009 TL back to back...

This was a real head turner for me, as I have never considered owning a FWD or transverse AWD vehicle, I have always been a RWD kinda guy.

Even more so, this is my first venture outside of an American car company, and the Cadillac CTS would be at the top of my list, but I just can't see myself buying a car from GM while they are in their current financial situation, this is also the reason for my decision to sell the Chrysler, it has been an excellent vehicle for 4 years, but Chrysler has no real future and I need to know the car company backing my warranty will exist tomorrow.

So here I am searching for The Good, The Bad, and The Indifferent on the TL.

so please share your thoughts

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try the new rl it should be better!
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Default Some thoughts...

Can't help much on the 09 TL. IMHO they are ugly, but that's just me. I own a previous generation TL and it has been flawless. Zero problems, decent acceleration and good handling. No issues with FWD. From what is reported on the web, the transmissions are the weak link, but I have not had any problems, and my 96 TL airport car with over 100K has been very reliable with no transmission issues either.

I have not driven the Lexus GS, but the ES that I test drove awhile back was so insulating from the driving experience it was like being in a boat. It was incredibly boring. Regarding the MB, I would hesitate to get a 6 banger in a heavy E series car - for me personally, I would only buy an E series with a V8. Can't help with the Audi, seems like a pretty decent option.

I am right there with you on the American cars. The CTS is the only world-class car built by the big 3. I certainly wouldn't trust Chrysler and GM is about to become Government Motors so they will be completly ineffective in 6 months.
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I know its early, but we haven't had any problems with the TL SH-AWD that we have been using. The car in my experience (i drive them around and mess with them all day every day) has reviled no flaws. something to keep in mind...

Since it is AWD it will need rear differential maintenance. The maintenance Minder system will let you know when you are due... but you can expect it to come around after the initial 15k and then pretty much every 30k from there out. So expect the maintenance cost to be more.

They are exceptionally fast and quick

More info can be found just chatting with a salesman...

The navi has a new type of screen that is exceptionally easy to see. It also features real time traffic and weather, and can re-route if you chose due to these.

The audio system features a hard drive that automatically rips your cds when you insert them. So insert them once and you dont need them from then on out. you can easily play music from a usb drive, mp3player...etc.

The seat... this is something i saw and like personally... the seat has a crease to the sides... kinda like rain gutters for your seat... why this is significant is... it keeps the seats looking clean. dirt and crumbs fall into the creases.

and of course the keyless operation.

I could go on and on.

ps RLs are going to be pretty hard to get a hold of. It looks like they are phasing them out.
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I purchased a 2009 TL w/tech package 2 weeks ago. I orginally was going to purchase the STS, until a month ago, a 2009 TL pasted me on the way to work. I am not the BMW or Mercedes type and I had not been a fan of the TL due to its previous size, and cost so I was going to go with Caddillac. My wife and I actually own a 1990 honda which we have owned for 19 years, so I know the dependibility should be there for the TL. After I compared the new changes in interior room, HP, and the new look. My wife and I test drove one and purchased it 3 days later. We are extremely delighted with the car and the Tech package (the main reason my techie wife liked the car). Although I am a little pissed that she played with her personal settings and now I can't use my remote for anything other than starting the car. So if any one has experience in resetting the personal settings to recognize the two standard remotes, I would appreciate some directions. If not I guess I will take it to the dealership.
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you can reset it look it up in the owners book.
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THe 09 TL has a real AWD system not the mostly FWD SH type system like in the late 90's preludes or CRVs. 5.5 sec 0-60 is pretty cool.
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My friend has one and he is very much happy from its performance. But I am not sure.
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Well, first check how the brand new Acura TL looks like, and then read further reviews and handy description here before you make a decision
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I don't have any experience with the car you are considering but I do have some recent and very negative experience with company you are considering.

I own a 2000 TL. While I did not know this until a few days ago, the 2000 TL is widely known to have transmission problems--so much so that Acura extended the warranty to 100K miles and seven years. In my last regular service (my car has less than 100K miles) I was told the car needed a new transmission. Given the history of the problems with the car, I phoned Acura to see if they might be able to offer some accommodation, especially given the history of the car's transmission problems and the fact that my car had less than 100K miles.

They wanted to know about the service history of the car. So I told them I've had every scheduled service for this car (as well has intermittent oil changes between services) the records were provided to back this up.

Obviously, part of the regular service is to change transmission fluid. In the TL, it should be changed at least every 30,000 miles. It turns out that while my Acura dealer in Boston did do the 30K transmission fluid change, the Pittsburgh (where I now live) dealer--Spitzer Acura--did not change the the fluid at 60K and 90K. And they did not do this, despite the fact that: a) I requested and paid for a 60K and 90K service (and all of the other services from 30K to the present) and b) their literature expressly states that they change the transmission fluid at 30K, 60K, and 90K.

Acura's USA's reaction to this information was, to put it mildly, troubling. To paraphrase they said: "Of course there is nothing wrong with this. Every dealer is different and every dealer can choose to provide or not provide whatever service they want at each service interval." It is, they said, "up to the customer to insure that the proper service is done and it isn't their (Acura USA) responsiblity to insure that Acura dealers perform the proper service." Really?

So, that's the official word from Acura--they have no obligation to insure their customers get the actual service they are being promised by their dealers. To me, that's a mind-boggling evasion of responsibility. If I were you, I would look elsewhere.

For customer's in Pittsburgh, I would avoid Spitzer Acura like the plague.

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