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'95 Acura Legend GS

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Default '95 Acura Legend GS

I have the above car with only 90,000 miles on it and I thought I'd die with it, but it recently took a turn of events and I just purchased another car. I'm a widow and out a lot on expressways and need to feel safe. I still feel terrible about this one though, I was really lead to believe there wouldn't be anything I couldn't fix so long as I was willing to buy aftermarket parts. It's very clean and even the Acura dealer told me they don't make a comparable car anymore. People would stop me and ask me what year it was and tell me they want to buy it but don't sell it.

I just put new Michelin A/S tires on it and the mechanic replaced valve cover gaskets and cam plugs and gave it a tune up for $637. I had that done because one day the oil light was flashing and I went straight there and it took two quarts of oil!

However, he told me it was still blowing some smoke out of the tail pipe but shouldn't be a problem since it still had the same amount of oil in it they put in it before they fixed the above.

They found that problem by putting dye in the engine and telling me to drive it 500 miles and then they'll be able to find the leak because there was never any on my garage floor or driveway and they couldn't see looking at it.

However, I talked to an old friend who appraises cars now and used to work on cars with my husband and neither of us were happy with that so he looked at it for me.

He put a kleenex over the tailpipe and it was fine but cleaned it out and it was black right away again.

I told him they also have to keep topping the brake fluid occasionally and then the light goes off. He thinks it might be the master cylinder leaking into the boost.

So anyway, I went back to the mechanic and told him I wanted him to look further into this because I didn't feel safe this way. A couple of hours later he called me back and said there's a leak in the radiator which I just replaced three years ago (still no leak on the ground) and it needed an oil pan gasket and front crank shaft seal. I asked him why he didn't find this before and he said the dye had just come through that.

So I took it home and thought I'd start looking for a new car but one night I was coming home and it overheated. I stopped for five minutes and it went away and has been fine since.

I've looked it up in KBB and put it in as Good condition which it is and my friend who appraises cars agrees completely with that and it says it's worth $2795 not to mention that I just put the excellent new tires on it and had the one leak fixed. I also put a car starter on it awhile ago.

I thought I'd post this on here thinking there might be another person who might love it almost as much as I have and be interested in it. I asked the mechanic once about the brake lines on it because someone questioned them to me and he showed them to me while it was on the lift and he said they look like new. I have an unlimited car wash and would take it through regularly and hand dry it and open the doors and trunk and dry that too. Everyone knew I loved my car and took great care of it.

I live in the Chicago suburbs if anyone might be interested. I haven't listed for sale anywhere yet, I've just been trying to think this through and would love a good home for it. It's black on black.

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